Sublime Escorts Rotterdam

Rules of conduct

The escort of your choice wants to enjoy a positive experience and your time together just as much as you. In order to deliver the best possible experience, there are certain rules of conduct. Of course you would like the lady of your choice to look good, be clean and smell amazing and she expects the same from you. Your attention to personal hygiene is therefore greatly appreciated.

If you pay upon arrival, make sure you have everything at hand for a quick settlement of the payment.

Make sure that the room where you receive our high class escort is clean and hygienic. She will appreciate a fresh bed and a clean towel. Maybe you have arranged for something to drink?

It is very likely that your escort drinks a drink with you. If she chooses not to consume alcohol anymore, do not force her. Do not offer drugs to our escorts. We advise you not to consume too many stimulants yourself so that it will not interfere with your experience.

Do not ask our high class escort for her personal contact details and about her daily life. You will understand that for many of our escorts their work is kept completely separate from their private lives and that private information may not be shared.

Sublime Escorts works transparently and fairly towards our customers. We strive for exceptional service and offer the highest standard of luxury Escorts. It is also our job to protect our ladies as well as possible. If we suspect that there is a snag, or information/details are incorrect, we reserve the right to cancel the booking (last minute or during) without refund of payment.

Sex without a condom is absolutely not allowed and you should not suggest this either. Our ladies carry enough condoms for your time together. All of our high class escorts are regularly tested and medically examined. If you suspect an STD (or otherwise), do not make a booking. If our high class escort sees or notices something strange and suspects an STD, she is allowed to cancel the booking.If the above rules of conduct are not complied with, Sublime Escorts and/or our escort lady have the right to cancel or interrupt the booking. No refund is granted in any of these cases.

When placing a booking, we require some information about you. We treat your personal details with the greatest care and never use your personal details for advertising, mailings or other commercial purposes. Nor do we share these with third parties.

By placing a booking you automatically agree to our rules of conduct.