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Many women have fantasized about working as a high class escort in their lives. Luxurious nights in michelin star restaurants, and perhaps spend the night in the most chic hotels in the Netherlands! It can all be possible if you work as a high class escort with Sublime Escorts.

However, working as a high class escort is not for everyone. As the name suggests, the clients are of a high standard and this is also a requirement for the lady herself. Besides a good appearance and a good figure, it is important that you have an accessible character, good communication skills and knowledge of etiquette. Dutch and English at a good level is a requirement, multiple languages ​​a plus.

Working as a luxury escort can easily be combined with a daily life or alongside a (part-time) job. You can indicate flexibly when you are available so that you can combine it well. This keeps it fun and attractive, but most of all exciting!

We understand that the earnings are very attractive to work as an escort. However, it is important that this is not your (only) motivation to work as a lady of pleasure and we expect you to be able to indicate what else drives you or challenges you to take this step. You can indicate this on the “Application form” below.

What is important with regard to your appearance and your personality / character?

Your appearance:

  • You live in the Netherlands and speak at least Dutch and English
  • You are at least 1.65m tall and up to 1.85m and between 21 and 40 years old
  • You have clothes size 34 to 40 and you have a beautiful figure. That is, you are tight in your skin and you have no fat (roll), visible stretch marks or signs of pregnancy
  • You don’t have big tattoos
  • You look well taken care of,  feminine and have a beautiful / sweet / challenging face

Your Personality & Character:

  • You are spontaneous, communicative, adventurous, challenging, confident and charming
  • You like to dress elegantly. From sexy lingerie to dresses and beautiful pumps, jewelry and makeup
  • You can maintain a good conversation with clients from various backgrounds such as; business people from home and abroad, men  and women who are virgins, couples, millionaires, famous  people or foreign acquaintances.
  • You know how to distinguish class and style from ordinary and vulgar.
  • You are familiar with the basic etiquette and table manners.
  • You live a healthy lifestyle (without (excessive) alcohol and drug use) and take good care of your body. Preferably you do not/barely smoke.
  • You are an intelligent and smart lady with knowledge about what’s going on in the world. Preferably you have a nice diploma in your pocket but most of all you are in possession of life wisdom and you stand with both feet on the ground. A diploma is great, but if you don’t own one but still think you should work with us and can convince us, then apply and enter your motivation.
  • Last but not least … You enjoy intimacy and can get carried away in an adventure of excitement and eroticism. You are sensual and erotic, which means that you see every date as a new adventure and an addition to your mental and erotic experiences. In short, you enjoy good company and sex and can ensure to provide an unforgettable experience.

Sounds good … what’s next?

If you can agree with the above, you can complete this form. It is important that you answer all questions truthfully and that your official name and current address must be correct. Email address and telephone number are required. Requests in which these are not mentioned, will not be processed. (Private data is not used for mailings, nor offered to third parties or used for other purposes)

We ask you to send us send 5 photos of yourself, which you can upload at the bottom of the application form. Two photos in swimwear or lingerie full body and face. One photo where you wear a dress, skirt or nightwear. The last photo is of your face. A clear photo without sunglasses or facial cover. The photos may not be older than 3 months.

As soon as we have received your application form we will carefully review it. If we want to get acquainted we will contact you to make a personal appointment. During this interview we ask you to dress like you would on a date with a client. A sexy dress, high heels and hair and make-up done. Punctuality is also important. So don’t be late. If you don’t show up or are far too late and you haven’t called, then your adventure is over. We must be able to count on and trust each other during our cooperation. If that goes wrong from the first meeting, then we have no confidence in a successful collaboration.

During your first meeting we have a number of questions for you, there is also time for your questions to us. You must have many questions, so put them in writing before our meeting. During our meeting we inform you about merits, rules, what you can expect, what we expect from you and about hygiene. We also think it is important to visually observe how you look. Your posture, body language, and overall appearance is something we will pay attention to. Just be yourself. If you behave in a forced way, we will certainly see through it.

After the introductory meeting, and we would like to see a collaboration with you, you have two weeks to decide whether you want to work as a High Class Escort for Sublime Escorts. If we have not heard from you before, we will contact you after two weeks. If we enter into a partnership, we will finalize the paperwork and schedule an appointment for a photo shoot. We will inform you more about this by that time.

We work 100% legal and are registered with license number: vs.7.0412771.2019 in Rotterdam.

Application form

Complete the form below. We handle your data carefully and will delete all your data if you do not come to work with us. If the information does not match who you are or what you look like, we will not cooperate with you.

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